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Hi there, and welcome to my homepage.

My name is Torgeir Wigum Lindland, I'm sixteen years old and live in Trondheim in Norway.
I have one brother, named Øystein, and two sisters, named Ingrid Elise and Marta Kristin. My mum is named Britt Arnhild and my dad is named Terje. Right now I'm a student at KVT High-school.

My interests are reading, the internet, computers, movies and friends. My favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien, Tom Clancy, Jan Guillou, John Grisham and Frederich Forsyth. My favorite movie is True Romance and my favorite director is Quentin Tarantino.

On this page you can find links to my fantasy and tarantino Pages, and links to other cool places on the web.

Enjoy your stay and please return.

This is me

Links to my sites

My Tarantino-page.
My fantasy-page.
The awards I have won

Links to family and relatives

My mother's homepage
My sister Marta's homepage
My brother's homepage
My sister Ingrid Elise's homepage
My uncle Frode's homepage
My cousin Mathias' homepage
My cousin Gunhild's homepage
My aunt Rita's homepage

Links to friends

My friend, Jonas' homepage
My friend Rachael's Gary Oldman Page
Inge's hjemmeside
Espen's homepage should not be visited!!!

My two favorite comics

Neil Gaiman's Sandman


Click on the pictures to get to the official pages

Jan Guillou. Swedish author and journalist.

Tom Clancy. Author. George Lucas. Creator of the Star Wars triology

Bad Religion. The masters of punk!

Keep on biking, folks!This is certainly a page about nothing.

The Truth is in here.

People have visited my page since September 25, 1998.

Please return later

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Torgeir Wigum Lindland
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